Murray St, Hobart
Media Room

Robert H Simpson called to complete a restoration program for the original “Bank of Hobart” building in Murray St, Hobart, CBD. This exceptionally fine building was constructed in the 1850’s in Georgian style. The telling spaces, banking chamber proper and managers offices were recently completed in a fine restoration program authored by the owners using local advisors.

The original ground floor structure which addressed the rear lane was converted to modern kitchen whilst the space above was allocated to a large media room, gymnasium, steam and bath room and above that again was designed a half tennis court. In the airspace between these rear structures and the original bank building was constructed a large blazed barrel fault to enclose an Edwardian palm court and spa facility.

The media room, gymnasium, steam room, bathrooms and palm court are re-fitted in authentic style following the original motifs and details which are still present in the banking chamber. The media room in particular is presented thematically as a gentleman’s club room. Particular attention is paid to deep mouldings constructed Australian cedar and Noble pines from Tasmania.

The raw space

The room destined to be the media room was originally the roof of the managers office fronting the lane with concrete slab over new triple bricks walls above and concrete slab slab above this supported by universal beams forms the raw volume designated to become the club room, steam room and gymnasium.

Modelling joinery

No set of drawings could adequalty describe the joinery solution required by each set of circumstances within the idiom deeply moulded panelling. Therefore every instance had to be modelled full-scale.

Existing Banking Chamber Details

A wealth of beautifully formed and scaled mouldings was available to us as starting point for own mouldings which all had to be re-destined from scratch.

Beauty of existing form

We will continue to update this project as time passes.

Response to raw forms

The windows and structure which derived to a large degree from adjacent historic facade and the needs of the modern uses dictated strongly to the resolution of any internal forms. Such resolutions primarily required a certain level of symmetry and serenity in adapting to imposed structure.

Full scale mockup

Another example of joinery solution arising from dictates of window penetration according with the overhead exciting steel structure.

Development of mouldings and profiles

Development of mouldings and profiles to suit geometry, scale and circumstance.

Codes and Compliance

In circumstances where strict compliance ordinance and BCA allow no latitude,  details are worked up and presented to walk the line between mathematical stricture of code and the beauty of traditionally worked forms.