Norfolk Ave Collaroy

A beautiful site in Collaroy spanning between two streets on a steep aspect. Exclusive views of Avalon to the North and wrapping 120 degrees around to Long Reef Golf course on the Collaroy Longreef Headland.

The challenge on such a narrow site was to provide views to every room, expect home theatre (haha!), whilst still respecting the close and adjacent neighbours. We split over 4 levels and even with all this accommodation on site, the house presents a well mannered 2 story residence descending at the same pitch as the site falls.

All happening inside well mannered envelope despite the building envelope being significantly constrained by council regulations.

While elevations are hard to see the casual observer will notice there are windows jettied out from the walls. The major design theme was one of planes i.e. blades which offered wonderful opportunity for assymentrical interior intriguing geometry and provided the tool to offer views from each internal space.

The roof is also a large floating steel plane completing the blade theme in 3 dimension. A requirement for double garage was also satisfied.