At Robert H Simpson we look beyond the commission of design and offer a catalogue of services that fully embraces client needs. We present a holistic approach to design which is present in all aspects of the creative process from the full master plan to fine furniture design. Similarly we offer a comprehansive catalogue of landscape design, heritage infil design and modern project design to respond adjacent heritage form and discipline.  Our approach is sensitive to location and culture, offering the latest advances in building technology or simple techniques drawn from rural vernacular and traditional. We harness the skills, enthusiasm and knowledge of our integrated internal design teams and selected and proven sub consultants.

It is always our process to try to involve our clients in the creatiion of inspirational structures and environments. In all of this we ensure consistency and personal service to our clients in that we utilise the same core design team engaged on the project from from beginning to end.



We provide traditional architectural services being design and documentation and contract administration in the following sub-disciplines

  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Government
  • Medical
  • Scientific
  • Rural
  • Heritage

These services are provided on a percentage basis or an hourly rate or a mixture of both.

Heritage Architecture

We specialise in domestic heritage restoration, heritage renovations and additions and new heritage infil design.

  • Heritage Consultancy
  • Hertiage infil design
  • Hertiage Restoration
  • Adaptive Re-use

As circumstances require we provide elegant venacular design solutions in modern and Prestyle translations.

MAESTRE Interior Architecture

MAESTRE Interior architecture is the design bureau which is responsible for interior architecure of Robert H Simpson Architects

(MAESTRE is a division of R H Simpson Pty Ltd)

MAESTRE is specialist in interior architecture, interior modelling, design, furnishings and furniture.


Conceptual Design Solutions

We work in conjunction with our clients to collect, understand and organise the many variables of the project.

Model Making

We are dedicated to providing high quality models using the materials best suited to targeted presentation circumstances and needs ( i.e. photographic reproduction).


We provide professional consultancy in the field of traditional architecture, heritage architecture, landscape design, free standing and built in furniture design.



Landscaping providing natural environment and garden shape and form as external architecture supporting and supplementing building form.

We advise on:

  • Species selection
  • Deciduous and evergreen
  • Colour and texture, lights and darks.
  • Aromatics and perfumes.
  • Seasonal changes.

Craft and Medium

We work in conjunction with our clients to collect, understand and organise the many variables of the project.

Planning and Sub Division

Precinct Planning and Land Sub-Division Design services are provided.