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My passion is elegance in architecture at all levels, from broadscale to fine detail, from beginning to end. Architecture at its finest offers us great joy in beauty resolved through high craftsmanship. There is nothing that satisfies more than the work of artisans passionately producing fine details of elegant resolution.

I find great comfort in traditional design and craftsmanship which invariably produces the most elegant result in its simplest form. This brings out the beauty of natural materials and textures, which may well be simply finished but are always guaranteed to lift our spirits.

Having held a full builder’s license, I am happiest on site finessing details where I believe architects should always be actively engaged in the complete construction process. It is here that we partake in the  sheer joy of the constuction process but also continue to develop our knowledge of how buldings go together.

As a client of ours you will be engaged in this journey of construction, experiencing the quality and authenticity that go together to produce an enduring result. You will engaged in a process that elevates,  you will experience good design, timeless elegance and be renewed each day through living in a beautiful space which represents quality. Such spaces will be elegant, serene, joyful and timeless.

All good architecture is timeless.